Parents are not usually prepared for head lice and their eggs (nits). Often these words are enough to put parents in a panic mode and in an action mode on how to effectively and quickly get rid of this infestation. What parents are looking for is an effective and safe treatment for getting rid of lice. NYDA not only kills head lice, but also gets rid of eggs (nits). If the chosen treatment can not kill eggs (slow), it will be difficult to prevent re-infestation. It is therefore important to choose an effective treatment not only against adult lice but also against eggs (nits) like NYDA. NYDA works by suffocation with adult lice as well as eggs (nits).


Can pets have lice?

Lice can not survive on a pet, so it is impossible to catch an animal. These insects are a parasite of human beings, and only human beings: they need human blood to survive.

How can I tell if eggs are dead or alive?

The new eggs are attached to the hair shaft close to the scalp. Eggs that contain a louse embryo are brown, while those that are empty are white or gray. Since the hair grows about 1 cm per month, if an egg is found about 1 cm from the scalp, it is very likely that it has already hatched or contains a dead embryo.
In any case, it is recommended to remove anything that seems doubtful to stop the infestation.


How do lice spread?

Lice can not jump or fly. They live only on human beings and can only be transmitted by direct contact with hair, from one person with lice to another who does not have one. It is very rare for them to spread through inert objects such as combs, hats, clothes or bedding. The spread of lice has nothing to do with cleanliness and hygiene: all exposed children and adults can catch it.
If your child ever has lice, tell his teacher and the school infirmary, and other people he is close to.

Should I spray it on my furniture and my bedding?

Lice are parasites that need human blood to survive. These insects have nothing to do with the environment, so you do not have to use pesticides spray on your furniture and bedding.
On the other hand, to remove lice and eggs that could have fallen with the hair, the best solution is to vacuum on upholstered furniture, carpets, stuffed animals and car seats.

Should we do the treatment to all who live in the home?

Use the NYDA® Lice and Nits comb to examine everyone's hair. If you find lice and eggs in someone's house, you will need to treat that person to eliminate the bugs and stop the infestation. How can lice come from school at home?

Houses and schools do not have lice: only humans can have lice! Lice are parasites that need human blood to survive. However, to remove lice or eggs that may have fallen with your hair, vacuum up upholstered furniture, carpets, stuffed animals and car seats where the affected person could have placed the hair. head. Where do the lice come from?

Lice do not fall from the sky and do not come out of the earth. They are human parasites that probably exist since the dawn of time. We even found lice and eggs (nits) drying on the hair and scalp mummies of ancient Egypt!

Can lice jump or fly?

Lice do not jump. In addition, they have no wings and can not fly.